Question: Großglockner High Alpine Road?

How long does it take to drive the Grossglockner?

Re: How much time do we need for the Grossglockner scenic drive? Venice to Lienz will take about 4 hours driving time – while not an extra long way 250 kilometers 150+- miles some mountain driving – bends etc. The Grossglockner road makes a great drive but for sure you wish to stop and explore, take pictures etc.

Where is Grossglockner High Alpine Road?

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road at the heart of High Tauern National Park. The mountain pass road with a total of 48 km and 36 turns leads deep into the centre of Austria’s largest national park with an area of 1,800 km² that extends across the provinces of Salzburg, Tyrol and Carinthia.

Is Grossglockner road open?

Today, the popular mountain road at the heart of the High Tauern National Park is open for individual traffic from late April/early May to late October/early November.

How do I get to Grossglockner from Salzburg?

There are 4 ways to get from Salzburg to Grossglockner High Alpine Road by train, taxi, bus or car

  1. Take the train from Salzburg Hbf to Bad Hofgastein Ec /
  2. Take a taxi from Bad Hofgastein to Grossglockner High Alpine Road.
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What is the highest point in Austria?

On the horizon, you’ll see stunning mountain ranges that include Großglockner – Austria’s highest at 3,789 metres (12,431 ft) –, Hochkönig, and Großvenediger mountains.

Which mountain is taller Grossglockner?

listen); German: Großglockner or just Glockner ) is, at 3,798 metres above the Adriatic (12,461 ft), the highest mountain in Austria and the highest mountain in the Alps east of the Brenner Pass.

Easiest route PD, glacier 35°, UIAA II

What is the highest elevation in Italy?

At 4,810 meters above sea level, Monte Bianco, known also as Mont Blanc, is the highest peak in Italy and in Europe. The highest mountains in Italy as of 2018 (in meters)

Height in meters
Monte Bianco 4,810
Monte Rosa 4,618
Cervino 4,478
Gran Paradiso 4,061

What is the lowest point in Austria?

With 114 m above sea level, Austria’s lowest point is located in Burgenland, in the Seewinkel region near Apetlon.

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